Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Merch Collection | Other | Clothing


Told you that there would be another merch post! Here it is! This one is going to be shorter than my 5SOS one, don't worry about that. This post is to show you all of the other merch I have, so any clothing which isn't 5SOS related.

Okay please don't hate me for being a Justin Beiber fan! I understand he isn't everyone's cup of tea but he is mine! His song Baby used to be my guilty pleasure song. I remember when I went to see Luke Friend live and his support act sung baby and I literally died. The whole audience was singing it and it was so cute. Anyway this is a cropped t-shirt from new look which just says #BELIEBER on it and I really like it. JUDGE ME

THIS TSHIRT IS MY FAVOURITE PEICE OF CLOTHING. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! JESSARAE IS JUST A GOD SEND OF A HUMAN BEING AND I LITERALLY WANT TO WEAR THIS 24/7. I got this when Jess toured and he came to Birmigham (and I met him) and it means so much to me. He is my favourite singer at the moment and he makes me so happy, more happy then a celebrity ever has before. I just can't believe he recognised me! Also yes caps were necessary

I know this isn't what most people would class as merch but it is technically harry potter merchandise so I am including it! I really enjoy Harry Potter. I am not a big fan of it like I can't quite remember what happens in each film and I've never read the books as the words just wouldn't process in my brain but I really love it. When I saw the new Harry Potter book I started crying in the shop as I got so emotional! Also I am so excited to go to Harry Potter world one day!

GOSH DO I LOVE DAN AND PHIL. They're amazing and I love their YouTube so much. I know they don't upload much but I get so excited when they do. This is a tshirt from their old merch and I love it. I am planning on getting something from their new merch for Christmas but I really like this old school Dan and Phil style. I think its adorable.

Incase you dont know Dan is from the YouTube channel: danisnotonfire and Phil's channel is: amazingphil

Thanks for reading this post!

Love you,
Scarlett xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My merch collection | 5SOS | Clothing


I have a nice sized collection of merch, I still want to expand on it but I thought I would share what I have with you guys so far. Today I am going to be showing you guys all the clothing items of merch I have. I am aware I have a lot of 5 Seconds of Summer merch. Also I am not going to write about each item.

The first item I actually couldn't take my own picture of because it is currently in the loft. So it's just a black and white beanie which has 5 Seconds of Summer wrote around it. I absolutely love this hat and to make it even better my best friend got it for me! Here is a link to it:

Next is this jumper (sweat top?) which I absolutely love. Honestly I don't wear it out the house but I love wearing it when I'm in my pjs or not going out anywhere (so basically all the time!). This was from Primark and my mom got it me a while ago. It is literally the most comfy thing I own! Its great to just throw on.
This t-shirt is really special to me as it was the first piece of merch I ever bought. I'm pretty sure I've had it ever since I started listening to 5SOS in 2013 but maybe I didn't buy this until 2014, I'm not certain. It is their old logo which I really like. This is so comforting to me. Not only is it the perfect bagginess which still looks good but feels amazing but it also has so much meaning behind it. Literally everything about it is perfect. I remember when I saw it in Primark and I freaked out!

At first when I saw this t-shirt I didn't like it but it began growing on me. This was actually the first time I saw the new logo so I just found it strange. But being the 5 Seconds of summer fan I am I had to buy it! Now I love it! I love how most of my 5SOS merch has grey backgrouds, idk why I just really love grey tshirts. Anyway this just has the skull but in its eyes and on the banners around the skull there is red and grey check/ tartan looking material. I really love the subtle colours. Also it's so cool how it looks like there is paint dripping down from it. Okay now I am just rambling!

Oh my is there a story behind this t-shirt. Strap yourselves in and get ready for this because I have a lot to say! It was a Friday which was the day before my 16th Birthday. My best friend (we weren't as close at the time) bought in my present to school. I opened it and saw this t-shirt and I literally screamed. No joke right there in the cafeteria I got it out and put it on over my uniform. As I was going to slfl with her I thought it would be cute to wear this. So this is the t-shirt I wore to my first ever concert.

Okay last one! I spent a very long time at the slfl merch stand trying to decide on which t-shirt I should get. I chose this one (which seemed to be the less popular one) as I liked the design better. Honestly I love this so much. I had been dreaming of having one of these type of shirts for years. Finally I have one! I love it so much! It means so much to me as it was from my first concert, the best night of my life. One of my favourite things to do when wearing it is to get people to try and find Birmingham on the back as that's the show I went to.

I hope you enjoyed this post of me rambling on about 5SOS, I do have a few other merch posts scheduled so you have that to look forward to!

Love you lots,
Scarlett xxx

Sunday, 21 August 2016

2 am ramblings

Hey it's currently past 2am and I was typing an Instagram caption but I wrote too much so I decided to put a blog post up with it instead. Hope you enjoy my 2am ramblings!

Its crazy the way that life plays out. If you had only said yes to that one thing then your whole life would've been different. I have no regrets in my life. Not one, because I am so happy about the place that my life is in at the moment. This is the happiest I have been in quite possibly my whole life and that is all thanks to @jessaraemusic The best memories I have had this year all involve him. Like my very first concert, slfl Birmingham, with my best friend. Every time I saw poppy since then we would always listen to Jess and it was the best time: my favourite singer with my favourite friend. I remember how I subscribed to him when he had less than 4000 subscribers and I have just watched him grow and grow, I couldn't be more proud. On this account you hear me waffle along about Jess basically every day and you may be fed up of it but to me it's been such an amazing use of my time. I have met some of the bestest friends I've ever had through this account and jessarae so shoutout to the Monday girls group chat! I know this year is no where near over and a lot could change by the end of the year but right now I would just like to say I have made my favourite memories I've ever had this year. So far of 2016 I have made myself proud. I went through literal hell these last four years and the years before that were no where near a normal level of happiness. I have crawled out of hell on my hands and knees and I have finally reached safety. I am here to say that it does honestly get better. I was so ill for so long (and believe me I am still ill, but better than I was) that I felt physically sick whenever someone said that as I always thought they were lying. If you learn anything from this ramble then I want you to know there is always hope, there is always someone there who cares. When I was down I would make Instagram posts with captions that were honestly heartbreaking as I felt so alone. I would get random people DMing me, commenting asking if I was okay. There's always someone who cares and if you think there isn't, there is because I care, I will always care. You can pop up to me anytime and I will give you the best advice I can. I know first hand that even just talking to someone can make you feel so much better. I am going to end of this worlds longest caption by quoting dumbledore (at least I think he said it): "there is always light even in the darkest of times if you just remember to turn on the light", at least it goes something like that!

Scarlett xxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Online Hate


I have been sort of lucky in that I haven't really had online hate and I have only had a couple of instances involving people being inappropriate. However even I know how badly online hate can hurt someone and I don't understand why people feel the need to be mean. They say they are "only telling the truthful" or that they "have the right to their own opinion". Both of those things are valid but they don't give you the right to hurt someone else. There is a difference between being mean and telling the truth. Sometimes the truth doesn't need to be said. You don't like their hair, so what it's their hair not yours!

If something can be changed quickly (in five minutes) then tell them. If there's food in their teeth or something stuck in their hair help them with it, don't mock them. I think sometimes we get too into our own lives that we forget about kindness.

People find it very easy to be mean online as they can't see the victim, they can't see what effect it has on them. They can be completely anonymous. But it hurts them. It hurts to be told you are not good enough, to be mocked for something you can't change. People get violent online as they feel like there are no consequences. Online hate, cyberbullying, mean comments: they all hurt. They hurt a lot. I don't know if this is correct its just something I believe but I think the reason anonymous hate hurts so much is because you don't read it in the attackers voice, you read it in your own.

Please don't be mean to people. As Selena would say "kill them with kindness"

Scarlett x